Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crossing the Atlantic

Before I can talk about John's wife Kate, I have to share another Great Moment. A few years ago, somewhere I got the brilliant idea to write to a local newspaper in Ireland to see if I could stir up any cousins, as my Aunt Kate had always insisted that Peter Beggins still lived on the old family homestead in Co. Monaghan. Within a few months, I had several letters, all of whom were relatives! One of them offered to share pictures, and since I had a few pictures of the older folks, I said I would send her a few as well. What I received from her was almost the identical photograph I sent her! Based on the timing, the pictures must have crossed each other over the Atlantic. I have since met one of these cousins, John Kelly, and we are facebook friends today. So, it still doesn't hurt to write a letter!

The colored picture traveled West while the black and white one traveled East.
The colored picture is Rose and her nephew Benny, while the other is Rose with her brother Bernard. The occasion was her 9oth birthday, which would have been 1959. The tradition in the family was to buy her a bouquet with a rose for the number of birthdays she was celebrating.

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