Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Propagation of the Smiths

Well, while I'm trying to finish John Smith's bio, I wanted to share this photograph of his family. This is the only photo that I'm aware of that contains all but one of his ten children. The occasion of the gathering was their aunt Rose Beggins Ordway's 80th birthday. In order, with their spouses are:
1. Kate, never married.
2. George, & his wife Minnie (Kiley). George was a veteran of WWI.
3. Everett "Boxer," never married.
4. Lillian, & her husband Lawrence "Larry" Sears.
5. Edmund (my grandfather), & his wife Mary Guidetti is in the far left chair.
6. Bernard is the one missing child. He married Yvonne Donoghue.
7. Mary and her husband, Leroy Owens.
8. Irene, never married.
9. Helen & her husband, Amerigo "Dick" Guidetti. His sister is also my grandmother - confused yet?
10. Agnes, and her husband, Louis Derragon. Louis was a Navy recruiter during WWII as a result of his asthma.
Whew! In another blog I'll detail the remaining folks in the photo. These Smiths have done me in!
I do have to say that I remember everyone of my grandfather's siblings, and am so very thankful that I was able to grow up around them.

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